Are you overlooking the Enterprise Analysis role?

Enterprise Analysis is a process within Business Analysis that is often overlooked. Whereas Business Analysis techniques are often used to define a solution for a project to deliver, Enterprise Analysis should occur before an effort becomes a project at a higher level to help the organization with the following:

  • Support definition of solid business cases
  • Analyze potential solutions in support of a new business case
  • Analyze the capability of the organization to deliver a certain solution

Enterprise Analysis probably occurs is some way early on in a project, perhaps by a portfolio manager, project manger, or business owner, but the Business Analyst skill set could be tapped to conduct it in more detail earlier on.


One thought on “Are you overlooking the Enterprise Analysis role?

  1. Nice. It also pays to understand where the business wants to go and where they are now. Sounds easy but it is challenging, especially when it comes time to draw out requirements from senior managers and strategic planners. BAs are good with eliciting needs. But I agree, you have to understand the strategic elements via enterprise analysis first, then get into the nitty gritty of decomposing those requirements into something usable, feasible and helping to develop solutions that will allows a business to move forward toward its corporate goals. Thanks for posting.

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